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how to format external hard drive on macbook pro

24/01/2010 · Good Morning! I just bout this Western Digital External Hard drive, Passport SE. Anyways, I formatted it to MS-DOS (FAT) so I can use on mac and/or windows. ... More

epic games how to choose install location

Oct 28, 2017 Epic Games Launcher is changing Fortnite install location I have exactly the same problem. Also related to me using my hdd insteed of my primary ssd. (windows 10) (self.FORTnITE) submitted 7 months ago by Ding_of_Dong I have been trying to work out how to install Fortnite (or the Epic Games Launcher for that matter) to any filepath other than the default C:/Program files/Epic ... More

how to delete recently closed history on chrome

I have been working on an extension that removes history of specific tabs that my extension closes. Till now this has been removed from history using: chrome.tabs.remove(tab, function() { }); chr... ... More

how to break down scar tissue in finger

16/09/2009 · Best Answer: Anytime that you injure a tendon or make a surgical cut there is always going to be the formation of scar tissue, there's no getting around it, but there are massage treatments & techniques that can help break-up the scar tissue that will form. ... More

how to become a self employed courier

Become A Self Employed Courier UK Review List at this site help visitor to find best Become A Self Employed Courier product at amazon by provides Become A Self Employed Courier features review list, visitor can compares many Become A Self Employed Courier features, simple click at read more button to find detail about Become A Self Employed ... More

how to clean vintage vinyl chairs

This is a guide about removing ink on vinyl. Whenever removing ink from a surface you want to make sure that the fix doesn't create a bigger problem. Whenever removing ink from a surface you want to make sure that the fix doesn't create a bigger problem. ... More

how to add addons to kodi 17.4

Go to Kodi homepage > Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Incursion. You can explore the addon now. You can explore the addon now. Before you start streaming with Kodi Addons / Builds, I would like to warn you that everything you stream on Kodi is visible to your ISP and Government. ... More

how to create icloud email

15/03/2016 Are you intersted to buy an iphone from amazon with discount price ?? choise your link, keep smiling ***Apple iPhone 5S ($109.99) 16GB GSM Unlocked, Silver (... ... More

how to become an influencer for a brand

It has become one of the most effective strategies to reach customers and build brand awareness. Hiring a social media influencer with a strong online presence can be an effective way to build product or brand visibility and appeal. ... More

how to draw a bunsen burner scientifically

The Bunsen Burner is the most commonly used source of heat in school laboratories. Natural gas, which is almost pure methane, CH 4 is the fuel that you now get … ... More

how to download all drivers for windows 7 free

Driver Restore, is a drivers update software that can check all the missing or outdated drivers and will upgrade your system with the new drivers in just few clicks. This software tool has a professional free version to update the acer drivers. ... More

how to connect my laptop to bluetooth speaker

You could, for example, run an auxiliary audio cable from your computer to any of the Bluetooth speakers we reviewed in our Bluetooth speaker guide, but it would make your speaker a lot more portable and convenient to pipe in the music over Bluetooth so you could retain the ability to move it anywhere in your office. Bluetooth is also handy when using wireless headphones, game … ... More

how to win friends and influence people ebook download

ctf-literature / Social Engineering / How To Win Friends And Influence People epub and Kindle (Mobi) / ... More

how to cook squid with broccoli

This is a great squid dish that is easy to make. The squid is stir fried before being served on top of boiled broccoli. Garnish with boiled carrots, spring onions and peanuts. ... More

how to create a sitemap for google

26/06/2017 If you are building a sitemap for Mobile, Image, News, or Video sites, Google supports specialized sitemaps for those kinds of sites. If you need to build a specialized sitemap, check that the program you are using supports those formats. ... More

how to delete live below the line account

The non-syncing account in Mail used to be removeable using a ‘delete profile’ option in Mail which is no longer available. As with Jack, the above proceedure did not result in the ‘broken’ account getting removed. Any suggestions, please. ... More

how to create web application in asp net using c#

In Visual Studio, create a new ASP.NET Web Application called PusherRealtimeChat.WebAPI: When prompted to select a template, choose Empty and check Web API before clicking OK : If you’re prompted by Visual Studio to configure Azure, click Cancel : ... More

how to cook frozen pork chops on the stove

21/07/2015 · Directions. Brush frozen chops with mustard. Coat both sides with bread crumbs. place in glass baking dish. drizzle a little oil in the middle. bake at 350 for 40 minutes more or less depending on the thickness of the chops. ... More

how to call extension numbers on android

Block Phone Numbers On Android Phone You may want to block a phone number on your Android Phone for a variety of reasons. It could be the case of a persistent telemarketer bothering you with offers that are not at all relevant to your current interests. ... More

how to add subtitles to itunes movie

In iTunes there is an option to turn the subtitles on and off, which works beautifully. But when I move over to my AppleTV and select the movie from my computer's library, the subtitles do … ... More

how to create social media like post share buttons

As illustrated below on this pool supplies website, social media pages and social media share buttons can be found on the same page. Verbs such as Tweet and Share often help distinguish between share buttons and social media pages . ... More

how to create a website layout in illustrator

Create a great website design in Photoshop! This tutorial will show you tips and tricks for creating your own blog layout. submitted: 5 years and 761 days ago ... More

how to download assets in unity

- Before we continue,we'll need to import a few more Assetsfrom the Unity Asset Store.Open your Exercise Filesand go to the Scenes folder.Double click on the MainScene.unity fileto open it in Unityor if you already have Unity open,you can go to File,Open Project,Open Other,navigate to the Unity Project folderin the Exercise Filesand click Open. ... More

how to change email on soundcloud app

Select Login to open the SoundCloud app web view Enter your email address and password and select Connect , using the scroll down button as needed. Once you have successfully logged in, you'll find your playlists under the My Playlists music tile. ... More

how to change the battery in a holden commodore key

holden commodore acclaim series 2., vx. its shanhai red. with aussie coathanger aerial. agood clean straight car with minor scratches and a couple of tiny dents, has as new tyres, as new battery, new water pump fitted not long ago. and towbar.its a 2001. v6 auto., electric windows and mirrors, interior is tidy, but drivers seat is worn, and has small 70mm tear,could be stitched up ... More

how to change desktop from horizontal to vertical

13/10/2016 If you are referring to the xfce4-pulseaudio-pugin, then it doesn't look like there is. Why would you want to though? The menu also contains a checkbox and a menu item (in addition to the slider icon and title string) and changing the scale to make it vertical would make the ... More

how to tell if a diamond is cut too deep

In addition, real diamonds are placed in a quality setting of gold or platinum, while fake diamonds are typically placed in cheaper settings. A gem that has a lot of scratches is probably a fake, as diamonds are a very hard, durable stone. ... More

how to break coconut shell at home

Their thin shells crack easily but it's also easy to break the nut's meat inside. If you want whole pecan halves, which store better than pieces, working slowly and carefully with the right tools provides the best chance for success. Shelled pecans store for up to a year when frozen in a 32-degree Fahrenheit freezer so you can shell them as soon as you get the pecans home. ... More

how to change your minecraft username 2018

If you enjoy reading up on what’s new in computer security as you sup on your first coffee of the day you’ll have noticed that the outrageously popular online game Minecraft is in the news. ... More

how to buy dota 2 items in steam

Loot Market: one secure way to sell your Dota 2 items for real cash January 11th, 2016 Pericles Tools 14 comments If you’re anything like me, you’ve accumulated hundreds of seemingly worthless Dota 2 items over the years. ... More

how to become a clinical psychiatrist uk

Clinical psychologist Clinical psychology deals with a wide range of mental and physical health problems including addiction, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and relationship issues. This page has information on the role of a clinical psychologist. ... More

how to draw a cute sloth step by step

Build your drawing and character design skills while following the step-by-step instructions of Draw 62 Animals and Make Them Cute. Beloved illustrator and Instagrammer Heegyum Kim takes you on a fun journey to expand your character-building skills as she shows youhow to draw 62 animals and make them cute! ... More

how to become a car designer in india

Lamps in automotives are fast becoming an integral part of the overall car design. So much so that lamps influence the customer's buying decision. ... More

how to cook beef tenderloin steaks in the oven

Beef Sirloin Tip Roast Beef Round Tip Roast Top Sirloin Recipes Oven Roast Beef Beef Welington Beef Tenderloin Roast Beef Recipes Roast Beef Dinner Sides Tender Roast Beef. Sirloin Tip Roast - A simple recipe that will give you a flavorful and juicy roast every time. :) TGIF - This Grandma is Fun! Main Dishes. Freenom World. Parrilla, Grilling Steak Tips, Grill Time For Steak, Steak Cooking ... More

how to change h+ to 4g on android

My Galaxy SII 4G, when in areas of bordeline 4G coverage, defaults to E instead of H+ and only seems to improve to H+ if I manually turn off packet data, change to WCDMA only, and then change back to LTE and then turn packet data back on. ... More

how to access my icloud drive on pc

iCloud Drive is a flexible store where you can upload or download files of any kind for use on your iDevice. It works just like Windows Explorer and has all the features you are already familiar with. You can move, drag, drop, delete or rename files within the folder and they will be synced with iCloud and any connected devices. ... More

how to connect my wix domain to shopify

So at the end of the day, the answer is yes - you can transfer your domain name out of Wix, to another domain name registrar (such as GoDaddy), and then easily connect it to your new Shopify store! Jeremy PS: It sounds like you read our main Wix review. We also have a discussion about ... More

how to clear calories burned on fitbit

In the case of the FitBit Charge 2, it is because of the reliability and relative accuracy of the data it provides. As well as all the fitness tracking modes that youd expect from the worlds leading supplier of fitness tracking wearables, the FitBit Charge 2 will give you a custom estimate of calories burned on the basis of the personal information you input into the device. It also ... More

how to keep glasses clean

For minor smudges on the glasses during the day, keep a soft microfiber cloth handy for dry touch-ups. Never clean your glasses with ammonia or bleach-based cleaners. Window cleaners and even vinegar are also usually not recommended for this purpose. ... More

how to meet new wemon after a break up

After a breakup, it is essential for you to turn the arrow inward and take an active role in your own life. Create new habits that are healthy and bring you joy, and … ... More

how to draw on imovie

based on data from user reviews. CorelDRAW rates 4.2/5 stars with 192 reviews. iMovie rates 4.2/5 stars with 212 reviews. Each product's score is calculated by real-time data from verified user reviews. ... More

how to netflix history clear

Netflix is an enormously successful company that allows subscribers to rent movies by mail and over the Internet. The company currently offers no management tools for deleting or editing your viewing history. ... More

how to create sop manual

Create a Payroll Procedures Manual Presented by Max Muller SkillPath . Overview How to put it all together Using the terminology Employee distinction How to chart policies How to eliminate Improper actions When to make an adjustment . Health Care Reform Act » An initiative in this law increased the number of IRS and Department of Labor auditors to help audit 6,000 companies randomly chosen ... More

how to download flac songs

10/03/2009 For PC, download Foobar2000 ( Load the CDImage.Flac.cue into it. Then, select all the tracks in the album and right click and use the 'Convert...' menu to convert the files to separate WAV tracks. ... More

how to draw hentai manga

[Draw Two (Draw2)] Yahari Kono Yakyuubu Gasshuku wa Machigatteiru. There Definitely is Something Wrong with this Baseball Club Training Camp. ... More

how to become an xray technician in texas

Dear Texas Student, – AchieveTexas Your ambitions to become great at what you love to do in life. That’s what you should want, two-year degree as an x-ray technician or a four-year TAPs (Texas Achievement Plans) will guide students’ high school and college experiences (see next page). ... More

how to connect samsung one connect mini

20/03/2017 · In reply to: Arc/optical out samsung mini connect box For reasons we all wonder about ARC is a mess. And passthrough of audio is either non-existent or just stereo when the input is HDMI. ... More

how to change mailing address for council rates

Lodge an online request to notify Council of a change to your mailing address Map Search Access geographic-based information, addresses and postcode searches ... More

how to change wifi frequency

23/10/2018 Miguel Mendes Pinto Hmm ok, i thought we were talking about wi-fi issues and connectivity since i can't change to 2.4GHz either and that be the main problem. ... More

how to clean fabric window shades

Your brand new blinds look fantastic, and youve put so much time into choosing the right fabric, but its also important to know how to maintain your blinds! ... More

how to create dimens folder in android studio

26/03/2017 · Android Studio doesn’t have Assets folder which we usually use to keep our web files like HTML. Assets folder is saved under main folder: main/assets: ... More

how to download pokemon stadium 2 for android

pokemon stadium 2 soundtrack 1.1 APK. Download pokemon stadium 2 soundtrack 1.1.apk APK BLACK files version 1.1 pokemon.stadium2soundtrack Size is 4297844 md5 is ... More

how to grow dutcy carrots from cut tops

It is an ideal carrot to grow in heavy soils, where bigger carrots fail and great in containers. It is a good choice in kids' gardens as it is so fast growing. It is a good choice in kids' gardens as it is so fast growing. ... More

how to get a clear smooth face

14/03/2017 Watch video The Advanced Dermatology Reviews regimen was developed as a treatment used by our physicians on patients afraid of injections like Botox.Your skin ... More

how to create win-win solutions

Apr 14, 2016 11:11:04 AM Seek to Create Win/Win Solutions. John Nicholson, Industry Consultant, recently said: “I was conducting an audit at a device manufacturer prior to their having an upcoming inspection by the FDA. ... More

how to create a bind in csgo

How often do you open the buy menu, buy AWP, then go back, then buy Kevlar + Helmet and the go back to buy pistol again. This might get annoying sometimes. ... More

how to cook heinz tomato soup

to make super speedy “just like heinz” tomato soup you will need: two tins of beans, two tins of chopped tomatoes, two tins of carrots (with the water), a few pickled onions, a veg stock cube and worcestershire source. ... More

how to cut a image on mac

PhotoScissors for Mac is an easy way to cut out part of an image. Mel Martin . 02.24.14 Comments. 1 Shares. Share. Tweet. Share. Save. Photoshop is the alpha and omega of photo editing apps, but ... More

7 days to die how to place poles horizontally

Place them in an upside down U with 4 blocks for the legs. Make one pillar by jumping up and placing a frame below you until you are 4 high. Then place 4 more sticking out at the top (upside down L). Jump down, use 4 blocks to locate the second pillar - do the same thing and you now have a catwalk of wood frames that spans 8 clear blocks. Stand in the middle and shoot through the frame below ... More

how to access network drive on tv

Break free and enjoy wireless access to shared files from anywhere on your network—and beyond. Syncing files between your computer and your iOS device via iTunes can be tedious and requires that you tether to your computer. ... More

how to change volume of tracks in garage band

In garageband I have one audio track with many regions. I'd like to adjust the volume for each region. Is there an easy way to do that, or do I have to make a new track each time, and adjust the tracks volume? ... More

how to create a zip file

Examples. This example shows how to create and extract a zip archive by using the ZipFile class. It compresses the contents of a folder into a zip archive, and then extracts that content to a new folder. ... More

how to drive fence posts into the ground

A post pounder, post driver, post knocker or fence driver is a tool used for driving fence posts and similar items into land surfaces. It consists of a heavy steel pipe which is closed at one end and has handles welded onto the sides. ... More

how to clean ink jets on hp photo smart premium

I have just replaced most of the inkjet cartridges and still I must do the "Clean printhead function" otherwise I get a total blank sheet of paper when xecuting the print command from my PC. And now the printer is not printing cleanly. The result is hard to read and not clear. ... More

how to change to eu relams

Faction change and Realm switch submitted 2 years ago by Zachariah255 I don't understand why this costs the same as a brand new game almost more then the new xpac ... More

how to eat frozen strawberries

Frozen strawberries can be eaten as is. My kids think this is the best treat ever–like a popsicle–and sometimes prefer this to a fresh berry. You can also add them … ... More

how to draw sister location baby

Learn how to draw Sister from these Draw Something Drawings. The Best of Draw Something exists to showcase the very best drawings in the OMGPOP game Draw Something and Draw Something 2 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. Upload your drawings and vote for the best! ... More

how to delete coles account

I’ve had coles flybuys so many years now but never bothered to find out how to redeem or actually try to. Anyways, I went to redeem once and it said card has expired. Contacted their submit and they said your address is incorrect. ... More

how to become a contractor in nsw

From 1 April 2016, local contractors will now manage call outs, and track and follow up maintenance issues in your area. This new system will be more efficient and responsive. This new system will be more efficient and responsive. ... More

how to delete a header in powerpoint

Watch video Join Jess Stratton for an in-depth discussion in this video Adding a header and footer, part of PowerPoint 2016 Essential Training. Join Jess Stratton for an in-depth discussion in this video Adding a header and footer, part of PowerPoint 2016 Essential Training . is now LinkedIn Learning! To access courses again, please join LinkedIn Learning. All the same ... More

how to become a climbing guide

In terms of becoming a mountain guide you should try to strip away any illusions you have about the job. A mountain guide isnt all about climbing hard routes or steep ski descents. Fundamentally, it is about your clients and your relationship with them. Keeping them safe and ensuring that the experiences you share with them have the right mix of challenge and enjoyment is essential. To do ... More

how to create lvm in linux step by step

Step by step. The following procedure creates an LVM cache logical volume. Create a regular volume group Create a regular VG that contains a slow physical volume and a fast physical volume. ... More

how to delete youtube branded channel

Here Are The 10 Best YouTube Brand Channels To Know There are dozens of ways to create content for YouTube . Vlogging, how-tos, react videos, Lets Plays, Q&As, shorts, and series all have a home on YouTube and have helped catapult creators like Miranda Sings, Markiplier, Issa Rae, Grace Helbig, and others to mainstream stardom . ... More

how to change the base of log in scientific calculator

4/10/2016 · This is not an inverse logarithm, it is a logarithm using any other base than existing buttons for base 10 or base 2 logarithms. The "y" is whatever base you want to use for the logarithm. The "y" is whatever base you want to use for the logarithm. ... More

how to become a nursing home administrator

18/07/2013 · Find out why current long term care administrators joined the profession, and listen to their advice to aspiring administrators. ... More

how to change your itunes id and password

It's possible to change the questions and/or answers by going to, but you'll need to log in with your Apple ID and password. So that may not be useful for those of you reading ... More

how to clean pewter mugs

Besides being a collectible, novelty metal mugs and pewter cups are hygienic, easy to clean and fun to use when drinking beer with friends and family. Using your pewter beer tankards will create a unique and memorable atmosphere for your party or event. ... More

how to change login to without hotmail

Hotmail login english version is easy. Hotmail english version is the most common and most used of Hotmail. However, sometimes it is not the default Hotmail login page. ... More

how to change battery foe eveready dolphin

Buy the Eveready Dolphin Mini Torch online - BCF is Australias leading outdoor clothing, footwear and gear retailer with a wide range of outdoors equipment available both online and in stores nationwide. ... More

how to get wrench in 7 days to die

How to get your SteamID64 The Steam64ID can be found on [4] , [5] , or [6] . After entering the profile name, the Steam64ID is displayed in the lower area. ... More

how to add money to ps4 wallet

So i'm trying to add funds using my debit card to my ps4 wallet and I can't find an option under the master account to add funds anywhere... jump to content my subreddits ... More

how to detect lazy responding

Deter, Detect, Delay, and Respond- security tips every business should consider. The principles of perimeter security are much the same as 1000 years ago with moats and drawbridges acting as deterents, however the technology has thankfully improved! ... More

how to break the vacuum seal on a jar

14/09/2008 · Hold the jar upside down and hit the lid firmly on a solid, flat surface. Works almost every time. Or, if you don't plan on closing the jar again, punch a small hole in the lid with a sharp object. That will release the vacuum. ... More

how to build a 5 frame nuc

The precise measurements of wood needed depend upon the what you have available. The side panels on mine are 8mm exterior plywood. The end panels are build from 18mm and 12mm scrap ply to generate the necessary thickness to accommodate the frame lug. ... More

au how to cut a hole in stainless steel sheet

Stainless Steel Sheet Australian Stainless Distributors offers the most extensive range of Stainless Steel sheet available off the shelf in Australia. Thicknesses range from 0.55 through to 3.00mm, standard widths are 914, 1219 and 1500 by up to 5000mm in length in Stainless Steel ... More

how to cook a whole fish in a spit basket

Types of fish commonly cooked in a rotisserie oven include trout, flounder, bass, cod, escolar, grouper and haddock. Filets from large fish, such as tuna, as well as small items, such as shrimp, can also be cooked in the rotisserie basket. ... More

how to develop a training program on the job

7 Key Steps for Better Training and Development Programs 7 Key Steps for Better Training and Development Programs. Hearing Looks at On-the-Job Training to Bridge Skills Gap . … ... More

how to cook portobello mushrooms in frying pan

Email “Cast-Iron Mushrooms put the mushrooms in a hot pan on the stove, and let them cook, without stirring, for a good 10 minutes plus. Then stir once, and again let … ... More

how to cook duck fat chips

Making your duck tonight, and was wondering, can I fry my potato chips in canola oil with my saved duck fat from tonight? I haven't done much frying apart from shrimp, and wanted to know what your thoughts are on frying in duck fat. Cheers! ... More

how to cook dried adzuki beans

Adzuki beans (??? or ??) also called azuki or aduki beans, are small, red beans often used in Japanese and Chinese cooking. They are most often used in desserts, mashed and mix with sugar to create a sweet paste. ... More

how to cook mixed mushrooms

These mixed mushrooms come together in no time and make a fantastic side dish to any meal, whether youre making a fancy holiday dinner, a simple steak, or a Sunday roast chicken. ... More

how to do i add jpg to drafting workbench catia

By the end of this series of computer aided design courses (CATIA V5 Basics), you should be able to deal with the basics of 3D modeling software (CATIA V5), such as: Workbench Concept, Manipulating Objects, Edit Parts, Manipulating Windows & Multi-documents Support, The compass in CATIA V5 and the properties of the tree, Starting 3D modeling software and open save and close V5 documents. ... More

how to build an arena deck 2017

Best Clash Royale Decks for Arena 1 to Arena. We will be dividing this between different arenas separately so that you will have a clear idea about the best decks … ... More

how to draw chibi toothless

Use the videos and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw a Mini or Chibi version of Cinderella. Stay tooned for more tutorials! The written step-by-step video tutorial: Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, don’t press down too hard. Use light ... More

how to change your face during episoe

Learn more about what you need to do to run your ads related to politics or issues of national importance on both Facebook and Instagram... See More Payments for your Shop ... More

how to cut plywood without chipping

When cutting plywood on a table saw, I always seem to make terrible cuts. The wood splinters on top as the blade comes up on the backside of the blade. And when I turn the plywood over it is also splintered. I've tried new blades same thing. ... More

how to call ireland from germany

Results Dialing from Frankfurt to Dublin Result, dial: 00 353 353 1 6073900 (If you are behind a switchboard you may have to dial '0' or '9' (or another number) to get an external line.) ... More

how to add back default apps google chrome

1/04/2016 Don thanks for getting back with me. Yes I tried making it my default browser but didn't take it I have downloaded chrome and in my setting there is an app for chrome ... More

how to create perfect double eyelid

I have natural double eyelids but they are kinda covered by a layer of fat on top of my eyes and I was wondering if there is a natural way to make the fat go away? Or like make the eyelid ... More

blender how to change font

27/03/2016 · Tried selecting the text first, can change font style and weight but size doesn’t have any effect here. I can resize the text box itself which has the effect of changing the text size but it affects all text … ... More

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how to build a bandpass sub box

how to build a subwoofer field kicker. A symmetrically loaded (bandpass) enclosure is designed to bypass the entire output of an enclosure through a vent smaller than the surface place of a speaker.

how to call rest webservice in java

24/09/2008 · I needed to geocode an address today by using free WebServices. The final solution is to use yahoo, but here is the full list of other usefull services:

how to draw a male body wikihow

6/09/2018 · wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. To create this article, 24 people, some anonymous, …

how to change author name in netbeans 8

Change the @author. When I create a new class and it uses the @author tag it takes my Windows logon name. That isn't ever what I would want. How do I change that? Robert When I create a new class and it uses the @author tag it takes my Windows logon name.

how to build ur own wardrobe

To design your own custom Wardrobe decides the size you require. The size will determine the Budget of the Wardrobe. There are three types of wardrobes 1. Double door Wardrobes-These are the most common types. They usually have one single rack for hanging clothes with additional Drawers at the Bottom & top Interior Shelves. 2. Three door & four door wardrobes- These are more organised & …

how to add an account on asb

5/12/2018 To use the ASB Mobile app, you need to be registered for FastNet Classic (ASB internet banking). Please call 0800 MOB BANK (0800 662 226) to register. Its free to use the ASB Mobile app, but your usual data costs and standard FastNet Classic transaction and service charges will apply.

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